Entrees & Pastas

Entrees & Pastas

Add roasted chicken for $4.95 or shrimp for $7.95 with our blessing


On the Record

The Don invites you to build your own pasta.

Starting at $9.95

Pick your pasta

Penne • Angel Hair • Spaghetti • Fettuccine

Pick a sauce

• Pesto Cream Alfredo • Spicy Vodka Cream • Marinara • Alfredo • Pesto • Marsala (add 1.50) • Peppercorn Brandy (add 1.50)


Add any pizza toppings &  Bada Bing!

Average Joe Toppings – $1.95 each

Anchovies – Bacon – Basil – Black Olive – Broccoli – Cheddar Cheese – Extra Cheese – Garlic – Green Olives – Green Peppers – Ham – Jalapeños – Mushroom – Pepperoni – Pepperoncini – Plum Tomato – Red Onion – Red Peppers – Salami – Sausage

Primo Toppings – $3.25 each

Artichoke – Arugula – Blue Cheese – Chicken (plain, BBQ, Buffalo, or hot) – Chorizo – Eggplant – Feta -Link Sausage – Meatballs (ground or sliced) – Pecorino Romano – Pesto – Pineapple – Portobella – Prosciutto – Spinach – Sun dried Tomato – Salame Toscano – Zucchini – Any Piccolo Morsi Items

Wicked Good Toppings – $4.50 each

Goat Cheese – Homemade Mozzarella – Truffle Salt – Caramelized Onions – Peppadew Peppers – Ricotta


Scampi Alla Ella

Scampi – Sauteed shrimp & capers in a lemon-garlic butter sauce, over a bed of angel hair pasta.  In honor of the Don’s beloved goddaughter!


The Brando

The family’s twist on a modern classic – Saltimbocca for the best of us! A chicken breast, Prosciutto & provolone on top of a bed of angel hair, Alfredo, red onion & fresh sage.  Baked in a stone oven and served piping hot.


Moe Green Special

If the bullet doesn’t get you, this dish will! Caramelized onions, spicy link sausage, mushrooms & fettuccine, all tossed in our brandy peppercorn sauce.


Marsala Mia

Mama’s secret recipe, served with roasted chicken breast, sauteed mushrooms & rich Marsala sauce on a nest of penne.


Moustache Pete’s

For the old generation. A traditional fettuccine with a rich alfredo sauce. (Add chicken or shrimp for an additional charge).


The Davinci

Chicken and spinach cannelloni. A blend of cheeses, chicken, sautéed spinach and spices stuffed in our pasta topped with alfredo sauce and mozzarella cheese and cooked in our stone oven.


The Mark

Roasted diced chicken with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli and angel hair pasta tossed with our pesto cream sauce.


“Ol’ Blue Eyes”

Frankie’s ruling body of Italian dishes. Four of our homemade meatballs covered in marinara sauce and served on a score of spaghetti.


The Cugine

A tender chicken parmigiano served on a bed of angel hair pasta and topped with our marinara and provolone cheese.


The Joey

Warning! One spicy dish! Our spicy link sausage, button mushrooms & red onions with angel hair pasta tossed in our spicy vodka cream sauce.


The Consigliere

Take our advice, you’ll love our famous meat lasagna served with our marinara sauce.